1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Restomod – Real 427 Side Oiler!

Sunnyside Chevrolet of Elyria, Ohio in conjunction with Greg’s Sports, Classic, & Muscle is proud to offer for sale this beautiful 1965 Mustang Fastback Restomod. (Price: US $154,900 )

1965 Ford Mustang that will turn heads!
REAL 67 427 Side Oiler!
TKO 5-Speed!
Danny O’Day Build!!!
Air Bags
Laser Straight and Incredible

Let’s start with the build itself. This one was commissioned and overseen by its owner in Massachusetts that simply wanted the best of old world and new world. He sought out his friend Danny O’Day who did the complete build, and oh what a build it is. Look up Danny O’day, the record holder wheel stander quarter mile guru, and revel in what that man is capable of. This build is a showcase of his skills -incredible.

REAL 427 SIDE OILER. REAL 427 SIDE OILER. Did I mention it’s a real 427 side oiler- date code 1967. The story goes that it came out of Junior Johnsons personal inventory but we have no paper trail to prove that. What we do know is that the block is a stock bore (how rare is that) and is fitted with a Nascar Crank and Edelbrock Heads. I also heard the terms “Dyno Fresh and “R” motor- not sure what those terms mean but I’m sure some of you folks out there know. She’s a thumper. The owner told me he never even used the Nitrous 250 shot available in the trunk. Said he never needed it. Having driven this car, I understand why.

Source : Sunnyside Classics and ebay

Source : Sunnyside Classics and ebay