1965 Shelby GT350 Mustang Found and Rescued!

If you are a fan of classic cars like me, then the term “barn find” is certainly not foreign to you. It originated a long time ago in the United States, when classic four-wheelers began to gain in popularity and combine the two words. “Barn” is a designation for a small wooden building or hangar where farmers store straw or machinery,
So, the coin means a car that has been lying in a hangar, shed or auxiliary building in a rural household for many years and is probably very neglected, so the new owner plans to restore it or keep the originality.

Over time, every classic in its original state has become a “barn find”, while there are rare cases where the car remained parked on a neglected property. However, one story that appeared on the “American Mustangs” channel of the social network YouTube reminded us of what the whole case should look like.

In a video less than fourteen minutes long, an unknown author tells how he found an old abandoned house somewhere in the US state of Georgia.

And then next to it the fantastic 1965 Shelby GT350, one of only 562 units produced that year. It was the first attempt of the legendary Carol Shelby to “make a horse out of a donkey” and in that business he proved to be very successful.

It modified the power of the already existing 289-cubic-inch (4.7-liter) V8 engine to 306 “horsepower”, and then added larger brakes and more modern suspension. Even when it is in this desperate state, experts believe that the value of the car is around 300 thousand dollars, and after the restoration it is twice as high.

If you find one of the 37 racing specimens with the “R” badge, the value can be up to four million “greenbacks”. In another garage of a larger villa, we can also see a 1965 Mustang. Although not as rare as the Shelby GT350, it is a special GT K-Code that was actually the highest level of equipment, before the tuner took over and developed 270 “heads”.

After two months of negotiations, the author managed to buy a Shelby GT350 and a bunch of mechanical parts that he found scattered around the house. The video shows the general situation, so we definitely recommend that you watch it to the end because you will certainly not be disappointed.

And for the other specimens in the video, we hope that the same fate will befall them, because they definitely do not deserve to perish together with the old villa.

Source : American Mustangs