2015 Volkswagen Golf Rocket Bunny For Sale

2015 Volkswagen Golf Rocket Bunny or sale on ebay Classified ad price:US $27,995
Custom VW SEMA Car, Show Car, Rocket Bunny Wide Body Kit Start with a modern, well-respected hot hatchback that is popular all over the world for its quickness, agility, and style. Then add some performance upgrades to it. Then add some more. Then go wild and turn up it’s appearance, but make sure it’s vivid enough to be seen a block away. Finally, throw whatever caution is left straight into the wind and transform that 2015 Volkswagen GTI into a full-blown, Pandem Rocket Bunny that deserves its own Instagram account after turning so many heads at SEMA. The result is this stunning 2015 Volkswagen GTI Rocket Bunny.Source: ebay