2024 Ford Mustang S650 First Photos

Images of the test mule for the Ford Mustang S650 have come.The appearance of the new generation Mustang is the same as a national holiday for American pony lovers, but they will wait a bit for it – according to freshly leaked information, Ford is preparing it for the middle of next 2023 or a month earlier, as a model for 2024 . At one time it was a question of whether the Mustang would survive at all – it remained the only vehicle Ford sells in the United States that is not a pickup or SUV, and the excellent sales of its electric rim obscured its bills. Yet the legacy he has left is deeply ingrained in American automotive culture so that his fate can be ignored and thought of purely empirically, without emotion. The supply of engines should remain the same, although we will be surprised if the Mustang does not get a hybrid version – what, no one knows. All-wheel-drive performance has been mentioned before, which, while not all out of the question, is unlikely. But Ford can easily dare to incorporate the massive 7.3-liter engine developed for the large Super Duty truck.