2030 Ford Mustang E1 by Tyler Kwon

Rumors suggest that Ford will launch just one more generation of the Mustang with internal combustion in the coming years that will last until 2030, after which the icon of the American (but also global) automotive industry should get an electric motor.
Given that governments of most states have begun to suppress internal combustion engines, this scenario does not seem so unlikely. Namely, the Mustang badge is already used on the electric crossover Mach-E, so the manufacturer is certainly not afraid to apply the formula to the end.
Ford asked designers to try to redesign the Mustang as an electric sports coupe for the new segment, and one of the designers who accepted the challenge was Tyler Kwon, who then unveiled his retro-inspired all-electric Mustang.
Tyler calls it the 2030 Mustang E1, and either way, we admit it looks great. He got a lot of inspiration from the original Mustang Concept 1 – a 1962 open-top sports car design study. In addition, Tyler envisioned the Mustang smaller than the current model.
The design perfectly combines retro and futuristic elements and represents a very valid attempt at an electric Mustang from the near future. The fact that Ford sponsored Tyler’s creation suggests that Ford wanted fresh ideas, and how the electric sports Mustang is inevitable. Namely, Ford may already be secretly working on the EV Mustang.