Brand new Mazda RX7 Evo from 1985

Mazda, which does not come as a surprise at all, no longer produces the RX-7 models. Perhaps it will do so in the future, if our prayers are answered, but by then, the chances of buying a factory-powered car with a rotary engine are flat. This would be enough to create a proposal presented here by a present and very attractive car, but that would be just the tip of the business iceberg.
However, as you can see in our gallery, this is not some kind of RX7 model. This is a rally machine based on the second-generation FD model, built to compete under the regulatory standards of the celebrated Group B championship and the International Automobile Federation. The example you see is one of the 20 Mazda models originally created, but after this competition was abolished in 1987, only seven were created. In order to make this car even more challenging, we must mention that it has never been run, especially not competing, in any respect. After this racing program, from which the RX-7 models had expired, was completely abolished, the copy you saw was in the Mazda Racecare in Belgium until it was purchased by a Swiss importer along with the number of RX7 chassis and parts, 1990 . years. Since then, the car has been in deep-seizure of a private collection, in which it is jealously guarded, but now it is going to auction sale in order to please some new owner. The car could easily set up a new record. Just look at how well it looks at the photographs that Roven Hornkesl of RM Sotheby’s was in charge of.