Chevy Chevelle Slammer

Perfect combination of retro style and modern technology. 

Chevy Chevelle Slammer
Chevrolet has created one of their best projects so far. That is the Chevy Chevelle Slammer series. They blended retro design with modern technology which makes this car unique. Under the hood there is LT367/535 engine with direct injection based on the LT1 engine of the Corvette series. However the new engine has a different axle and it produces 535hp, which is 75hp more than before. It is not just the engine, the new Chevelle series comes with SuperMatic 4L75-E manual gearbox. The Chevelle has new 18-inch front wheels and 20-inch rear wheels.


Chevy Chevelle Slammer There are few modifications of the body and now the car looks more elegant but at the same time it kept the classic shape. The interior also has a few modifications. The design of the seats is almost identical as the ones from the Camaro and are wrapped with a red Adrenalin leather. The dials have also new modern design which implies that the car has a new more powerful engine. The Chevy Chevelle Slammer and the Camaro Slammer will be exposed in the Las Vegas Exhibition.

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