Details win the title: Mercedes’ genius plan

The Mercedes team in Formula 1 has changed the tactics in its functioning in order to increase the chances of winning the championship title.

Mercedes’ dominance has started to fade and they are behind Red Bull and Ferrari in the 2022 season, but it doesn’t look like it will be like that for much longer.

Financial regulations and the “salary cap” introduced by Formula 1 affects everyone, including Mercedes, now there are 21 races in the calendar, and the budget is 140 million dollars, and everything has to fit into that.upgrade of the car is taken seriously and that a team of financial engineers has been hired.

“We have a team of financial engineers who monitor every step of our process and every part that is installed on our car. We take something from the truck, the financial engineer notes it, evaluates it and then we use it. If this trend is followed, everything will be as we planned. We didn’t we started well, but we are getting better ,” told Toto Wolff