F1 Rumour : Mercedes ready to back Fernando Alonso over Lewis Hamilton ???

Mercedes are ready to back two-time world champion Fernando Alonso in the title fight instead of their driver and seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes grabbed the headlines after their disappointing start to the 2023 season at the Bahrain Grand Prix. Since then there have been rumors that Mercedes may be considering getting behind the team that buys engines from them, Aston Martin, in a bid to win the title.

The recent opening of the season has been discouraging for Mercedes, and internal squabbles within the team and dissatisfaction with the car are becoming more and more visible. Meanwhile, Aston Martin, with Fernando Alonso at the wheel, had a strong start to the season, finishing third in Bahrain.

They decide 2 races

According to a report from Express.com, Mercedes chiefs are considering turning their attention to securing the fastest engine for Alonso if their team’s performance continues to be poor at the upcoming races in Saudi Arabia and Australia. It would be a blow to seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who was hoping to win his eighth title with the Silver Arrows.

Giving priority

If Mercedes decides to favor Aston Martin, it would mean that they are willing to invest more time and resources in a team that buys engines from them than in their own. The move would also give Alonso, Hamilton’s former rival, an advantage over their driver.

Stronger engine

The report states that the engine that Hamilton currently has, which delivers up to three kilowatts more than Alonso’s (4hp more powerful), could even be transferred to Aston Martin’s garage, if the scenario comes true.

The fight against Red Bull with joint forces

If Mercedes and Aston Martin join forces, they will go up against Red Bull and Max Verstappen in the championship race. If they still fail to win, it will be a big defeat for Mercedes.

It remains to be seen if these rumors have any weight, but one thing is certain: Mercedes is feeling the pressure to improve their performance and remain competitive in this year’s championship after being beaten outright on the track by Fernando Alonso.