FIA ​​is investigating the race in Abu Dhabi, the results in early February

The World Automobile Federation (FIA) expects to complete the investigation into the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix by the beginning of February at the latest.

According to Sky Sport, the official investigation began on Monday, and the investigation team will try to talk to everyone who participated in the controversy at the end of the season, including director Michael Masi, race management, drivers and team representatives.

The process will be led by Peter Bayer, FIA Secretary General for Motorsports. Mohammed bin Sulayem, who was elected FIA president in December, will personally join the investigation. The FIA ​​announced that the investigation would be ‘thorough, objective and transparent’. The process is expected to be completed by the next meeting, ie by February 3 at the latest.

According to Sky, the outcome of this investigation could influence Lewis Hamilton’s decision to continue his career.

We remind you that Red Bull driver Max Verstappen won the title with a triumph in that race by overtaking Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes in the last lap. The Briton was on a safe path to the eighth title five laps before the end, when a safety vehicle came out on the track because Nicholas Latifi hit a wall.

After the race, Mercedes filed two complaints with the race management for violating the rules and overtaking during the safety vehicle period. However, the directorate rejected both complaints. A lawsuit was announced to the International Court of Justice, but Mercedes eventually dropped it.