FIA ​​has banned certain Mercedes designs for next season

The governing body has not approved the continued use of certain aero parts.
In the course of this year, we could see different concepts of cars tailored according to the new rules, but some parts also raised a certain doubt because they were on the line of regulations. Thus, the Mercedes front wing was among the first to see the light of day in Miami. This solution had a larger opening in the part where the vertical and horizontal elements join, and its effect was to transfer the air flow outside the front wheels.

Another controversial design was the work of Aston Martin, that is, the revolutionary rear wing presented in Hungary, where its side part was twisted, that is, took the form of a closed tube with the intention of producing more grip.
These two solutions attracted a lot of attention during the season, but in the end the FIA ​​decided to declare them legal. However, the governing body later decided that these two designs cannot be used in 2023 because they conflict with their principles, which is to reduce dirty air around and behind the car, so that overtaking is as efficient as possible.