Hamilton explained his radio message: “You put me in a difficult situation”

The driver of the Mercedes finished the race in fourth place behind his teammate.
The drivers of the German team took advantage of Max Verstappen’s bad luck and Carlos Sainz’s mistake to place better in the race, so George Russell came to the podium and was followed by Lewis Hamilton.

“This is a great result for the team. This weekend we had a lot of difficult moments with the car, but we managed to reach the fifth and sixth place in the qualifications, so that we reached the third and fourth position in the race without any problems with reliability. ” Lewis Hamilton told Sky Sports. “George did a good job. I saw his fight with Perez, I wish we could have been better, but we are definitely taking these points and continuing to work. “

Also, Lewis Hamilton explained his message to the team over the radio at the end of the race, when he told them “You put me in a difficult situation.”

“I couldn’t fight for the third place, because the engine overheated, so I had to retreat a little behind. We took as many points as we could today and this is a good result for that team. ” he added.