Hamilton on budget breach: It’s a big shame for F1

Lewis Hamilton claims the controversy over Red Bull’s budget breach was like another blow to him after he lost the title in a controversial Abu Dhabi race.

After turning the page on what happened last year in Abu Dhabi, this news came to light that made him go back to the process of moving and try not to think about the outcome of 2021.

The Austrian team committed a “minor” breach of the $145 million limit last year, after the FIA ​​issued a statement on teams that were certified and those that were not.

Last year, Mercedes and Red Bull had an extremely tough fight until the last round, the last race when it comes to winning the drivers’ championship title.

Max Verstappen managed to cross the finish line first in a controversial race and thus remove the Mercedes drivers from those positions, and Lewis Hamilton was left without a record eighth title in Abu Dhabi.

Both teams competed in upgrades, and now it appears that Red Bull broke the rule in that regard. From the paddock, everyone is expecting the unfolding of events on how this team will be sanctioned.

The Mercedes driver believes that losing the title in 2021 in the last lap was a very difficult moment for him and ten months after that moment Red Bull’s budget violation comes to light. This brought those memories back to the Brit and made him go back to the looking the other way and turning the page phase.

“It was an issue that I had already put aside and turned the page, but then this (budget violation) comes and it’s like another blow. This made everything fresh again and you have to go back to the point of forgetting about it and moving on. I didn’t intend to retire like that, I would never say goodbye like that, really,” Hamilton admitted in an interview with the BBC.

Of all the things that happened in Abu Dhabi, he was most surprised that one single person had wrongly decided the outcome of a title that many people had worked so hard for. Lewis admits it wasn’t easy getting back into training, but all the time he spent with his family over the winter helped him pull himself together and come back stronger than ever.

“What was surprising was to believe that Formula 1 would do something like this, looking at all the people behind it, you expect to get the job done right. The fate of the World Cup, for which so many people have worked for so long, is decided by the wrong decision of one person. That was the only thing. At no point did I lack love for racing or my team,” he explained.

“I would say that returning to training was not easy. Not that I said, okay, the motivation is still there. It took me a while to rebuild myself. I spent time with my family and it was the best thing. They helped me recover and come back stronger. If it wasn’t for them, I would have stayed in the hole,” concluded Hamilton.