Hamilton returns to the factory to prepare car for next season

The Mercedes driver failed to finish the race in Abu Dhabi.
Lewis Hamilton finished this year without a win and a pole position, which is the first time in his career. Otherwise, he will have a bitter taste from the last race with Jas Marina, which he failed to finish this time, and this season, for the first time in many years, Mercedes was left without a title in the drivers’ and teams’ competition.

“I’ll be back at the factory to see all the people.” said Lewis Hamilton to Sky Sports. “We won’t be able to celebrate the championship this time, but we will celebrate their hard work and commitment. I hope that the hardships given us have given us additional tools so that we can move forward.”

He also referred to the race in Abu Dhabi, but did not explain the reason why he gave up.

“I had problems with the floor, right under the seat where the impact seems to have been. Because of this, I lost performance. I lost my balance. In the end, I waited until we went to the service center so that he could make corrections, and the car was better after that.” added the Mercedes driver.

Sir Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes W13