Hamilton: We’re one second behind Red Bull

Hamilton on the gap behind Red Bull: The difference is big
The British driver admitted that his team has a lot of work to do.
Lewis Hamilton finished the second practice session for the Bahrain Grand Prix in eighth place, but six tenths of a second behind Fernando Alonso, while the delay behind Red Bull was about half a second. According to the first looks, this could be another difficult start to the season for the German team.

“We learned that we have a long way to go.” said the Briton to the media after being asked where he currently sees Mercedes in the standings. “We already knew something about it during the test. The difference is big. I tried everything, but it is what it is.”

Also, he added that Mercedes lags behind Red Bull in both fast and slow corners.

“I think it’s very, very similar.” We have lag in both fast and slow corners. Well, if you compare that to Red Bull’s race pace, they’re even a second faster. We have to work on it.” Hamilton added.