Honda S660 Tuned By Mugen

Legendary Japanese tuner Mugen tuned the Honda S660.

The Honda S660 is powered by a 660cc engine that develops a maximum of 63 hp, and Mugen did not focus on performance, but mainly on the look of the car, which is now much more aggressive.

The car got new bumpers and sills made of plastic, and there is also a rear spoiler and a set of new rims. At the front are aluminum 15-inch wheels with 165/55 R16 tires, and at the back are 16-inch wheels with 195/45 R16 tires, so the S660 looks like a small supercar.

A new exhaust system has been installed, the end of which comes out through a new diffuser, and the car now also has Yamaha sports shock absorbers, which gave it control over the small roadster.

Mugen is asking about $ 5,000 for his modifications.