Marko about the next season: Ferrari will be strong and Mercedes will be even stronger

The Red Bull advisor gave his opinion on the next challenges.
The team from Milton Kins won the driver’s and constructor’s titles this year, leaving their rivals behind by a large margin. At the start, Ferrari had an advantage over the competition, but it failed to maintain that progress, while Mercedes also improved its form after major problems at the end of the season. This is why Helmut Marko believes that the team and Berkeley will be at an advantage in 2023.

“We have potential for improvement in terms of reliability.” said the adviser of the Austrian team to SportBild. “In the first three races we had to give up due to technical problems. In Brazil, we did not find good settings. Despite that, we had an exceptional season, but not everything was perfect. And we still need a perfect day to beat Mercedes and Ferrari.”

He expressed his expectations for the next season.

“Ferrari will be strong and Mercedes will be even stronger. Especially with a driver like Lewis Hamilton. He is still a top driver and if Ferrari has Leclerc who is very good, but he makes mistakes.”

When asked by the journalist of this newspaper whether Hamilton’s winless streak will continue in the next year, this older Austrian added:

“I don’t think it will. Mercedes have struggled to find their way this year. They are still not at the required level, but they have more time in the wind tunnel to develop the car. I’m not too worried. We are on the right track for 2023 and we have Max who is the best driver on the grid.”