Mercedes already noticed the first problems with the W13 at Silverstone

The German team immediately saw at the beginning of the year that something was wrong with its new car.
Head of racing engineers Andrew Shovlin admitted that the first problems with their car were noticeable even before the test in Barcelona, ​​when the W13 did a film day at Silverstone in February. Since then, the cars from Berkeley suffered from a bouncing problem, which they managed to solve only halfway through the season.

2022 Canadian Grand Prix, Saturday – Jiri Krenek

“To be honest, we saw the first signs at the very, very early start of testing the car, even at the film day we did at Silverstone.” said Shovlin in Mercedes’ announcement about the conclusion of last season. “Then we went to Barcelona and the car was not competitive, but we expected big improvements in Bahrain and that was the moment when we realized that we had a serious problem because when we put new parts, the car was simply not faster. Since then, it’s been an interesting year, there’s been a lot of work we’ve had to do to get to the top and solve the problems.”