Mercedes-AMG F1 fires up its W14 – Video

Mercedes announced today that they have started the ignition of their W14 car with which they will start the 2023 season.

The German team became the first team to officially announce that they have started their car for the next season.

The Silver Arrows want to return their famous performances in the second year of the new rules. During 2022, they had big problems with bouncing, and there were other accompanying difficulties.

Mercedes drivers complained a lot about this condition of their car, and the scene that had a lot of influence to make a correction in the technical rules was after Lewis Hamilton got out of the car.

The seven-time champion tried to get out at the first moment after the end of the race, but returned to the seat because he was not able to get out immediately.

After the exit, the Briton had pain in his spine and then had to go to additional therapies to get back to normal due to the effects of bouncing.

After the new technical directive, which came into force at the beginning of the 2nd part of the season, Mercedes raised its performance.

The long-awaited victory in the penultimate race in Brazil followed. The Mercedes power unit was the most consistent in 2022, with only one dropout recorded.

Entering the second season of the new rules, Mercedes is looking to return to the fight for wins and titles. They have reliability, but speed was questionable in the recently concluded season.

Mercedes’ W14 was put into operation in the evening, and the German team, after two known dates for the presentation of the car, became the first team with the sound of the car from 2023.

Video of the sound of the W14 in a video attached by Mercedes on its Youtube: “The first words of the W14!”