Mercedes brings the latest upgrade for the W13 to the US Grand Prix

The German team will prepare the final aerodynamic package for this race.
From 2014 until last season, Mercedes always won the constructors’ title, but it is already clear that this will not be the case this time. Since the beginning of this year, the Berkeley-based team has been struggling with their car, but as the season progressed, their performances got better and better. In addition to the many challenges they had, another problem is the rule about budget limitations, which certainly dictates the pace of development.

That is why Mercedes will bring their last package of improvements for this season to the US GP, which they should gain in time, put them in the best possible position for the last four races, and learn a lot for 2023.

“It is our final step in the field of aerodynamics and we hope that it will bring us more performance, which is important with new parts, we are learning more and more and we want to transfer that to next year.” said Andrew Shovlin director of all engineering. “Also, we will have a process with some components where we will reduce the weight of the car and hopefully get closer to the minimum weight. It’s hard to see where we can be.”