Mercedes is working hard to solve the problem of data correlation

The Berkeley team has a lot of problems this year compared to the previous period.
Everyone knows that the German team did not start this season in the best way, because despite two podiums, their W13 showed that it lags far behind the cars of Ferrari and Red Bull. The new Mercedes car currently has several different problems, which means that everyone in the factory is working hard to solve them, although it doesn’t seem that everything is going so smoothly. Thus Toto Wolff said that there is a difference of one second in relation to their simulations and the performance obtained on the track.

All this indicates problems with data correlation, ie comparing several sources for one part or model of the car in order to determine its performance. Thus, each team during the production of the work first performs a computer simulation of the work itself, followed by testing in an air tunnel, followed by a test on the track. Comparing this data can determine its performance, but it seems that Mercedes has failed in this field, which is why it does not receive accurate information and the parts on the track do not work as they were designed during the simulations.

“I think we’ll be able to fix everything with this car in the end.” said the Mercedes boss. “You can see that Ferrari also has problems with jumping cars, but they did a lot of other good things that we missed. The same goes for Red Bull. It is difficult for us to do data correlation with this car, because in the air tunnel you can do it with only one frequency, so some tracks do not fit us. Now there is a new way of comparing aerodynamic data, which means a new level of correlation that we need to understand. We have the right devices and the right people, but so far we have not achieved that. “