Mercedes Waiting For “Dramatic Changes”

The Mercedes Formula 1 team is still having trouble getting used to the new rules in the world championship. Mercedes was so dominant for many years that no one could do anything to them, and then in 2021 Max Verstappen came and stopped all that.

This year, Mercedes is behind Red Bull and Ferrari, they admitted that they don’t really understand the behavior of their car and it seems that next season things will be even more difficult. “We are in a very difficult situation because we have a certain concept car, but it’s not like we can experiment a lot this year and test things that come to mind. Whatever we decide for next season must be carefully considered, because we didn’t get the best results in real time. We have huge changes in performance. At this moment we are making a decision for the next season and it can be a dramatic change of concept ,” said director Toto Wolff.

The downforce is interpreted and used a little differently from this season, we saw the Mercedes floor, we saw Red Bull’s design and the design of Ferrari’s openings above the floor which aerodynamically brought a lot.

The Mercedes cars had the best performance when they were very close to the ground, and this, due to the adhesion and the force of the thrust, created the famous “ground effect” which caused bouncing, which Hamilton particularly complained about.

Since last weekend and Spa Francochamps, bouncing oscillations are measured more carefully and must be much less than at the start of the season, and this is something that helped Red Bull a lot and increased its dominance.

“It is difficult to say what the concept is at the moment. Is it good to have a chassis like this? What is it? Weight distribution? A mix of mechanical and aerodynamic balance?
The philosophy is many and everything can be applied to the car, so now we are looking for the ideal solution” , says Wolff.