Mercedes Would Prefer F1 Race Win Over 2. Constructors’ Spot

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff says he would rather win a race this year than beat Ferrari into second place in the Constructors’ Championship.

The German manufacturer has endured a challenging 2022 season, and despite taking one pole position this year, they are in danger of not winning a race for the first time since 2011.

But his consistency, coupled with recent improvements, has put them in contention with Ferrari for second place in the Constructors’ Championship. Mercedes holds third place in the standings, with 40 points less than the Italian team.

While second place would be a great result after an extremely poor start to the current season, Wolff says he would actually prefer to round off the season with a win rather than strengthen his position in the Constructors’ Championship.

“A win would be proof that our car is back in the fight for wins,” said the Mercedes boss when asked why he feels that way. “Second place can also be because others have dropped the ball and you just score more points.”

Although Wolff would not be against overtaking Ferrari in the standings, the Austrian explains that a better assessment of the team’s progress is how their car behaves on the track.

“That would certainly be some consolation, because Ferrari had the fastest car at the beginning of the season,” added Toto about the second place.

“To finish ahead of them would be great, but again, that’s not our top priority. The main priority is to understand the car and to have a fast car on the track.”

Mercedes had two of their best chances of the year to claim victory at the recent US-Mexico Grand Prix, but poor tire strategy cost them the result.

However, given the extent of the problems Mercedes faced at the start of the season, Wolff is happy with the level of progress made – although there is disappointment at the missed chances in Austin and Mexico.

“The thing is that we are runners, and the moment we can see victory in front of us, we simply want to grab it,” he points out.

“Therefore, there is always a sense of frustration. But we have come such a long way and here we are. We are chasing the victory, we are chasing the podium with both cars, Ferrari is behind us. So you have to stay humble and be aware of what we have achieved.”

On the other hand, Mercedes thinks it has a good understanding of what went wrong with their W13 car this year and what needs to be addressed for 2023 as it seems ready to change the concept.

However, Wolff admits that he cannot be entirely satisfied that the planned changes will guarantee a return to the top of the grid.

“I’m never confident. I always see the glass as half empty. So there is nothing to really see it as a positive. I’ve seen nine consecutive wins [for Red Bull], so there’s no reason for me to be overwhelmed by finishing second and fourth. We have a long way to go to make up for it.”

“We have winter. I think we are doing good development on the car. Some of the things we find can be bigger steps than just adding a few steps of dowvforce. But we are giving everything we have and more to get back into a position to fight for the championship,” Wolff concluded.