Most Powerful Street Ford Mustang 1,000 HP – Video

This car is creepy fast …The owner of this car was not satisfied with the factory power and performance, so he decided to upgrade it and improve it. He first started upgrading the engine, so the factory engine replaced and inserted a 2.6-liter turbocharged V8 engine that maxed out chips and increased horsepower to a whopping 1,000 hp.In order to accompany the powerful power train the owner of the Mustang decided to work on the body and give this vehicle a more stronger, powerful, aggressive and robust look. He did this with specially designed carbon fiber bumpers, spoilers, sockets and air intakes that increased the vehicle’s resistance while maximizing weight.The owner of the car says it’s creepily fast and can reach speeds of almost 300 km / h, so this is not a vehicle that can be used by people with no experience.

Source : Youtube via OFFICIALLY GASSED – OG