New 2023-2024 Ford Mustang GT

In 2023, the seventh generation Ford Mustang will enter the market. For now, information about it is still scarce, but a skillfully planted hint makes it clear that the classic manual gearbox will still remain in the range. The seventh generation of Ford Mustang will be presented in the world only in 2023, so there is no concrete information about the new Ford Mustang. However, the sharp eye of the observer noticed that the symbol of the six-speed manual gearbox was cleverly hidden on the promotional material announcing the new model. Why is this so important?

Because in the spring of 2023, when the new Mustang will be revealed, the first hybrid version in history will be shown. The latter will not be retained, but should match the performance of the five-liter gasoline V8. However, hybrids and manual transmissions generally don’t go together. Mustang buyers especially often choose versions with a manual transmission, which provide the most fun to drive.

Photos : Halo oto Rendering