Next-generation Nissan Z Has A Retro Design And 400Hp

Some US media have stated that the successor to the current Nissan 370Z (introduced in late 2008) should appear in a year or two.

In addition, the new Nissan Z will feature retro elements, which means that the front will receive round headlights and a bezel modeled on the original 240Z, while the rear will have lights inspired by the Z32 300ZX.

The interior is scheduled for major upgrades, while the drive will take care of the 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo engine at around 400hp (first available with a 9-speed automatic and later in combination with a manual transmission).

We also expect a Nismo version with close to 500hp, but it is unknown at this time whether some form of electrification will be applied here.