Oettinger Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R

Oettinger announces its expanded offer for VW Golf GTI and Golf R.

Thus, for the Golf GTI, a new front spoiler, thresholds, a rear diffuser (with a seat for four exhaust pipes of 90 mm), a rear roof spoiler, a set of new wheels and red accents for the exterior are offered.

There is also a modified suspension, a wide track track, a 380 mm front brakes system and a protective cage
As far as the Golf R is concerned, the Oettinger offer also includes a front spoiler, sleepers, rear diffuser and rear roof spoiler, as well as a set of new wheels.
The offer is rounded up by a motor-boosting kit, so the Oettinger’s Golf GTI now has 360 hp and the Golf R of all 500 hp.