Red Bull and Ferrari have competition – Mercedes is attacking the title

The adviser of Red Bull, the famous Helmut Marko, said that he believes that Mercedes has great potential and that he will get involved in the fight for the championship title. The Mercedes team is the eight-time champion of constructors in Formula 1 and currently has 101 points, while Ferrari has 199 and Red Bull 235.
Mercedes has incredibly fast laps in training, and during the races they know how to set the fastest lap from time to time and that’s what Dr. Helmut Marko talked about.
He believes that Red Bull and Ferrari have reason to be careful because Mercedes is seriously approaching the race for the title.
“At the moment, it is difficult to determine the source of fast laps, but when we listen to people from Mercedes, we get the impression that they are not very sure either. It is dangerous that they have potential, are fast in every race and are always at the top. They bluffed and guarded themselves. That’s what they did last year, but now I don’t believe it. At times Mercedes is the fastest on the track, but it doesn’t take long. Mercedes is close to us, close to Ferrari, but it seems to me that Ferrari has reached its limit and a lot of excitement awaits us until the end because you can’t change these things overnight, ” says Helmut Marko.