Russell: In next races we will be at the level of Ferrari and Red Bull

For the first time since the beginning of the hybrid era, the German team is not competing for the very top.
After 6 races, last year’s winners in the constructors’ competition are already 75 points behind the leading Red Bull, as if they still haven’t won. But, things started to get better for Mercedes at the Spanish GP because the team brought new parts that obviously solved the problem with bouncing cars. This moment is crucial for the team from Berkeley because in this way they will be able to unlock additional performance at W13.

George Russell recorded the second podium of the season at the Spanish Grand Prix, and this Briton finished all the races in the first five drivers, while Mercedes is the third team in the championship.

“I think it’s going to take us three or four races before we get to the same level as Red Bull and Ferrari, but now we’re definitely in a better position.” said the Briton. “I believe that Mercedes is the best in this business and if anyone can solve these problems and bring back their performance then it is us.”