Sergio Agüero and Gareth Bale appointed Nissan ambassadors – Video

Nissan, the official UEFA Champions League sponsor announced that they have appointed Real Madrid’s winger Gareth Bale and Manchester City’s striker Sergio Agüero for their global ambassadors.sergio-aguero-and-gareth-bale-nissan-ambassadors-02

Nissan released a video of the ambassadors where they put the superstars to compete against each other in football skills. The video reveals their electrifying skills, as they go head-to-head in an intense and competitive rally. We also we’ll see their precise shooting technique and innovative skills up close as they play the ball back and forth.


Nissan’s goal with the help of the ambassadors is to bring their products closer to all of the UEFA Champions League worldwide fans. Agüero and Bale have a lot of jobs with their teams in this year’s campaign as they play a key role there, but they will also have one more job to do and that is to make the Nissan’s commercials more attractive so it would result in increasing the Nissan’s overall car sales.

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