Special Nissan GT-R R34 with only 362km on the dial sells for $ 485,000!

“Like new” – these are the words that are often seen in used car classifieds. Of course, the owners allude to the fact that the car is maximally preserved, but the mileage is often on such ads, so it will often happen that the car has over 100 thousand, and that the ad says the above-mentioned “epithet”.
Nevertheless, the car company JDM Expo, which sells exotic models and is based in Japan, offered an extremely interesting model on its website, which was presented with the words: “like new”. Reason? This Nissan GT-R (R34 V Spec II Nur, a special version named after the cult Ring that was produced in only 718 copies, despite the fact that it is only 362 kilometers on the dial from 2002!

“Clean paper, true and verified mileage, never hit, no rust, the interior still smells like a new car.” – the seller describes it in those words. Clearly, after all these hymns and perfect condition, a pepper price should follow – and it is as high as $ 485,000! It remains, of course, to see if a buyer can be found at that price …