The fastest Camaro of all time with max speed 318 km/h

The fastest Camaro of all time has ZL1 mark and stops to accelerate when it reaches 318 km/h. So they say in Chevrolet.

The new Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 has a V8 engine with 659 HP, and the people in Chevrolet say that its 10-speed automatic transmission can switch from one degree to another faster than Porsche’s PDK transmission, which is good news for the potential buyers who will have option to choose between the 10-speed automatic and manual 6-speed transmissions.

“With Camaro ZL1, we weren’t ready for any kind of compromise”- said the chief engineer of the Al Oppenheiser team, and his words are confirmed by the test drivers in Chevrolet who tested Camaro ZL1 on the testing track in Papenburg, Germany where they’ve reached max speed of 325 km/h with the help of the wind in the back.
Beside the impressive max speed, ZL1 can commend with excellent acceleration, because in combination with the automatic transmission it can accelerate up to 100 km/h for just 3.5 sec. It was needed only 11.4 sec to finish the 402 m track with exit speed of 204 km/h.
Chevrolet will also make Cabrio version of the ZL1, and regarding the Coupe version in combination with manual transmission in USA, people will need 63.435 dollars.

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