The new Ford Mustang comes in 2022

Ford has one of the best selling sports cars in the world. Mustang is a slow but glorious troupe of the year, and it signifies that I will soon see a successor in the form of a new generation.

We didn’t know exactly who we could expect for the new Mustang, but leaked internal documents from the company suggest a 2022 debut.

This information is available from an announcement of a procurement of Ford engineers in the United States. It states that new staff will still be working on the project for a new sports car bearing the S650 internal index.

Announces it’s still online on LinkedIn. They are looking for people to open up to the car’s decay and its water tightness.

It was thought that the new “pony” would be released later this year, but the high sales of the current generation, and the recent launch of the flagman GT500, have forced top executives from Sinai to rethink their strategy.