The New Golf GTI Will Be ‘Cool As Hell’

Volkswagen Golf enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the eighth generation, and those looking for high performance are even more impatiently waiting for the GTI version Unlike Europe, the Golf GTI will be available for the North American market, as the standard version is not popular as on the “Old Continent”. VW CEO for North America Scott Keogh points out that the GTI will remain a major part of VW’s plans even in the era of electrification and digitalisation of the auto industry. “It’s the heart and soul of our brand, one of the things I’m proud of is the great work we’ve done with Jett GLI, which basically fits GTI, it’s the same drive, the same brakes, although a small amount of customers are our most reliable and most discerning buyers, “says Scott Keogh. Kio believes that the new Golf GTI will shake the hot-hatch segment, and points out that it will be “hell-good”. The premiere of the eighth generation of the Golf is scheduled for October, with sales going in early 2020, while GTI is expected next year. It is expected that the GTI will remain a true tradition and will not be electrified, so it is expected to be powered by a 2.0-liter TSI with more “horses” than the current generation of 220 hp and 350 Nm. The director of VW for North America touched on the plans of his company in the future, pointing out that he would remain a “national car” in the EV era as he once was with Buba. “We will be a company that will make electric vehicles available to millions, not just millionaires,” said Scott Keogh.