The next-gen Ford Mustang all-electric comes in 2028

It all revolves around the fact that the next-generation Ford Mustang could not appear until the end of 2028, and the reason for the delay is that it will appear in the fully electric version, and we are not writing about the Mach-E version. This is a good old “pony” coupe car that we have known and loved for more than half a century.
The next Mustang will have only one type of drive, the engine, and will be fully electric as well. It will be manufactured at Ford’s Flat Rock plant in Michigan starting production in December 2028 (as MY2029). A few years of waiting could be the result of Ford’s need to upgrade the factory, which currently has no room for electric vehicles, to accommodate the construction of the new powertrain.
It’s not the first time the launch of a seventh-generation Mustang has been delayed. There are a lot of rumors around the next Mustang. First it was said that some electrification was underway, in the form of a hybrid electric variant with V8 (which could be the Mach version itself). And there are rumors of a version of the AWD, which would pair nicely with a fully electric powertrain. Ford engineers said the electric pony car is not a question of whether, but when. So they were obviously fooled by all those who thought there would be at least one more generation of V8