This insane 1850 hp Honda Civic is the world’s fastest front-wheel drive car

Japan Power: Honda Civic with 1850 hp and 560.000 km on its “back” is the fastest front-wheel drive car, runs 1/4 mile (402 meters) in 7.61sec. This overhauled Civic is 20 years old, while the power of its 2-liter engine has been raised on the whole new level.

The SpeedFactory Racing company from Tacoma, has presented one of the craziest Honda Civic that were ever made. It is a 20 year old Honda Civic which has incredible 560.000 km on its “back”. We assume that the 2.0-liter engine is probably new, but the fact is that the chassis is one of the parts who are 20 years old. The 4cylinder engine has new bigger powerful turbo charger that boosts the engine power to incredible 1850 hp.
In order to remove any doubts, the company has decided to test the front-wheel drive Civic on a racing track and the results are amazing. It finished the track of 1/4 mile (402 meters) in 7.61sec at 199 ( km/h) 320 and a best trap speed of 201MPH (323 km/h). That makes the Civic the fastest car with front-wheel drive.

honda-civic In the video below, we can see that the Civic has defeated the competitors like Pontiac Firebird and Nissan 240 SX. It can be noticed that the Civic had a slower start but it caught up with the competitors really fast and at the end comfortable wins. Anyway, we have to congratulate the guys over at SpeedFactory Racing for the effort they have invested in creating this crazy Civic.

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