Two Reasons Affect The Low Speed Of Mercedes On The Routes

The Saudi Arabian GP did not go as expected in Mercedes.
The decisions that the team has made so far in the hope that something will be fixed have not yielded results. The lack of speed in the direction seems to be mostly influenced by the rear wing, but the engine also contributes to the team’s poorer performance.

The team finished on the podium in Bahrain, mostly thanks to the resignation of both Red Bull drivers, but the backlog in Saudi Arabia was huge despite George Russsell’s fifth place.

German Auto Motor und Sport writes that their sources say that the main problem with Mercedes is the rear wing. They state that the loss in the field of engines is at most a tenth or two.

Sources from Mercedes allegedly confirmed this.

What catches everyone’s eye is the poor performance of other teams with a Mercedes engine, so it can certainly be borne in mind that the power unit of the German manufacturer is currently not up to standard.