Unique Audi R8 from the game Final Fantasy XV is up for sale

The one and only sample of Audi R8 from the game Final Fantasy will be offered on the lottery for interested buyers. The winner doesn’t get the car, but wins the right to buy it.

In honor of the 30-year anniversary of the game franchise Final Fantasy, the Japanese branch of Audi created a new R8 model inspired by the story of the manga. They’ve decided to organize a lottery for the potential buyers, but the winning prize will not be the actual R8, but the rights to buy it. The price is not so bad if you take the fact that this is a limited series of only one unit.
Audi R8 Final Fantasy XV is based on V10 Plus 2017 model, and it will be called “Star of Lucis”. It comes outfitted with an attractive selection of visual elements to distinguish from the standard car. It has a very attractive exterior design with Ultrossic Black paint, while some elements have an interesting flower finish, such as the air intakes, both side mirrors and rear spoiler. The other list of modifications includes a special set of wheels with the Lucis emblem.


The design may seem a little bit unusual for the rest of the world, but we all recognize Japan as one of the strangest countries where the mangas and anime series are very popular so any creation connected with a manga or anime series is an object with high value.
The lottery will start on 21st of November or the release date of the new Final Fantasy game. The price of the R8 will be $486.713., and all interested can register on Audi Japan’s website.

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