Video: 2016 Ford Focus RS EGO-X Outfitted with HG Motorsport Cat-Back Exhaust Sounds Absolutely Amazing

German company, HG Motorsport well known for designing, developing and manufacturing high-performance exhaust systems, has released their new exhaust for Ford Focus Mk 3 RS. Named Bull-X Ego-X cat-back exhaust, it consists of absorption silencers, without chambers while the pipe work has a diameter of 3-inches (76mm), and has been handmade from stainless steel and TIG welded to a very high standard. The exhaust flap can be controlled while driving, if your vehicle features a “travel profile selection”, while the vehicles that don’t possess that option, it is also possible to control it too, but by a supplied button.

The most obvious difference between this exhaust and the standard one is that it eliminates the high tone of the factory exhaust and it now burbles far more loud, deep and aggressive. According to the company the exhaust is 100% legal thanks to the BULL-X Tronic which connects to the Drive Modes and CAN to ensure valves open only in situations when allowed by government.


Generally, the Bull-X Tronic Control Unit offers two options of control: Sport (Dynamic, Race) and Comfort mode (flap opens at 75% throttle position)
The Bull-X Ego-X cat-back exhaust can be yours for only 2599 Euro, £2299 (excludes shipping/taxes). Enjoy and share!

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