Video: Testing Drift Mode In The 2016 Ford Focus RS

In the latest video from CNET‘s Roadshow, former Stig Ben Collins explains everything that happens when you engage the 2016 Ford Focus RS Drift Mode.

As you may already know the new Focus RS comes equipped with four drive modes. The first mode (normal) sets the all-wheel drive system, steering, suspension, engine, ESC and exhaust to the same normal settings, while the sport mode makes all of that more sportier, only the suspension and ESC stays in normal mode. Track mode switches everything up to sport settings and beyond that. As the name suggests, this is the mode you’d use on track day, so it softens the dampers and relaxes the steering, but primes the all-wheel drive system to shuffle torque to help the car slide. Drift mode, which has proven a somewhat controversial feature for a road-going production car shuffles torque to the rear wheels, in particular the outside rear, allowing you to get the tail of the car out.

In the video below, former Stig Ben Collins explains the difference between drifting in the classical sense, with a RWD car, and all-wheel drive drifting.

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