Volkswagen HGP Golf 3.6 Bi-Turbo 745 HP For Sale (€69,950)

Volkswagen HGP Golf 3.6 Bi-Turbo / 745 PS / 940 Nm / 2,9 se
or sale on Price: €69,950

The vehicle was still in early June 2019 at the guided by Mathias Malmedi Dolomite Tour “Driving Experience Dolomites 2019” – base vehicle 6-Golf 2.0R DSG (already with roof hood) with complete HGP conversion, VR6 engine from the Passat to bi-turbo with 745 hp, 940 Nm, 2.9 sec. 0-100, single HGP vehicle with Audi ceramic brake 380 mm, adapted gearbox from RS3, additional intercooler, optimized intake and cooling, large fuel pumps, downpipe and special exhaust system, OZ rims, air intakes Bonnet and mudguard, KW sports suspension, carbon spoiler lip, rear muffler panels of the RS6, Pirelli P Zero tires and camber with 1.5 ° – conversion to start button. Source: