Yenko SC Camaro 800 HP

Yenko SC Camaro 800 HP
American company Specialty Vehicle Engineering presented new limited edition of Chevrolet Camaro equipped with super charger, and the 6.8 l engine produces 800 hp and 1000 Nm.Yenko SC Camaro 800 HP
The company from New Jersey, Specialty Vehicle Engineering presented their new creation for 2017 and that is Yenko Suprcharged Camaro with 800 hp engine.
In order to extract extra power from the engine, they modified the LT1 V8 from Chevrolet Camaro SS into 6.8 l engine. Regarding the new gear, Yekno comes with new crankshaft, connecting rod, clips and mechanic compressor. With all theese the standard LT1 which produced 455 hp now produces 800 hp and 1000 Nm.Yenko SC Camaro 800 HP Modifications didn’t stop at the engine. The exterior is also tuned and now it has carbon hood, 20 inch wheels and “800 HP” plates. Inside there are new special floor mats and Yenko logos on the sits.
Specialty Vehicle Engineering will produce only 50 pieces and the asking price for the Yenko is 40.000 $.

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